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I wrote the following programs to estimate furnaces, boilers, AC, snapduct and baseboard while answering phones and serving customers in supply houses.
Heating and cooling estimation reading R factors.


HeatPro US
by Harold Kestenholz .........Planning Family Health ..
HeatPro HVAC Estimator Instructions (2 MB).... .....
Use these instructions with HeatPro HVAC Estimator below - Good for lessons to learn how to do estimates with all the programs on this page. The HeatPro Help Menu expects this instruction; but it's large so download separately to same folder where you place the estimate programs.

HeatPro HVAC Estimator (Windows XP, 7) (5 MB)

House or Room Heat Loss Program (Windows/Linux/Mac) (requires JRE)

House or Room HVAC Estimate Program (Windows) (1.5 MB)

This program allows the user to do an estimate on-line now.
A Flash Heating and Cooling Estimate Program to do Now

The IBR method was used by plumbing and heating trades. It doesn't use R factors found on construction drawings, so requires specialized knowledge.While teaching the Hydronics nstitute IBR courses a dozen years, I wrote these:
IBR Method Heat Loss Programs
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